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We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire solar energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize society with affordable energy systems.

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What is a Solar Carport?

A solar carport is a system of solar canopies which covers parking areas for commercial and industrial use. Carport solutions that can shield entire commercial parking lots or for very small sections within a parking lot. Before long, solar carports will be present in most, if not every, parking lot.

By installing a solar carport, owners have the benefit of generating power in an easily accessible, pre-owned area to power their existing operations or to produce additional revenue by selling power back into the grid. Solar carports offer the additional advantage of protecting cars from outdoor elements, which can be especially appealing to car dealerships. 

Make a statement on sustainability

From a dual parking space to an entire commercial car park; a solar carport makes a real statement on sustainability and not only offers the opportunity to charge electric vehicles on-site but to generate an income from low grade parking spaces, aesthetically improve your carpark, visibly promote your CSR credentials and provide staff, visitors and their vehicles with a shelter from the elements.

Solar carports can be installed independently or in conjunction with a roof mounted solar PV system on your main premises. The solar carport is particularly useful for companies exploring solar options without adequate roof space or with roof spaces filled with vents or skylights.

All solar carports can include guttering, water management, LED motion-controlled lighting, CCTV installation, advertising & branding, and EV charging points to allow you to customise the project closely to your needs. 

Solar Carport and EV-Charging!

As organisations take steps to improve sustainability and minimise their environmental impact, commercial electric vehicle charging points are growing in popularity and demand. From hotels, retail and leisure facilities, to warehouses, offices and car parks, workplaces are switching on to the benefits of renewable energy.

Business benefits of installing EV charge points

      1. Convenient, rapid charging for employees and remote/fleet vehicle users. Free charging can be offered as an employee benefit.
      2. Give visitors the confidence to visit your premises and leave fully charged
      3. Reduce emissions and increase sustainability by turning your fleet electric
      4. Attract customers with electric vehicles and keep them on site for longer. Units can be free or chargeable.
      5. Electric fleets assist in achieving zero rated company car tax

EV Charging

We are experts in the consultation, design and installation of EV Charging Stations.

Key Benefits

To install a carport, no additional space is needed, instead an already existing space can be utilized to maximize efficiency and increase comfort for employees, customers, and visitors. A carport can protect vehicles from sun to prevent overheating, and it protect vehicles from rain and snow. By providing shade to prevent cars from overheating in the sun, solar carports can actually improve the car owner’s fuel economy.
Solar carports, like rooftop and ground-mount solar systems, reduce energy costs, resulting in significant savings for companies. Solar carports help businesses and residents save money by lowering their energy expenses and stabilising their revenue.
In terms of service and weather difficulties, solar carports are much easier to maintain than you might assume. Installing solar carports makes it easier to maintain a parking lot since they can channel rain and snow away from the vehicles.

It can also reduce the quantity of ice on the lot, making navigation safer. If the solar panels ever require maintenance, they are very easy to reach and do not take much effort to maintain.
By installing a solar carport your business can have sustainable operations that benefit the environment and the community. A sustainable business can foster an environment of high engagement and morale in its employees. Also, consumers tend to show appreciation to companies that are committed to sustainability.

Why Us!

The group manufacturers a complete range of solar mounting products, battery storage systems and hybrid inverters.  Our EPC Division provides in-house engineering, construction and project management expertise, while our finance team offer innovative project financing and leasing options.

Design and Manufacture

Our In-house R&D teams assist our factories in the design and manufacture of Solar Mounting Components, Battery BMS systems and Hybrid Inverters

Engineering and Construction

Our EPC Division provides Electrical Engineering, Project & Construction Management as well as electrical safety testing and training.

Build, Own and Operate

Our aim is to Engineer, Finance, Build, Own and Operate Solar Plants under a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) or Lease Hire Agreements (LHA).
Improving The Performance Of Solar Energy.

Discover Independence Through The Power Of Solar Energy!

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey to energize society with affordable energy systems.

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